Cosmodynes (Astrodynes)

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Cosmodynes, also called astrodynes, are an astrological measure of strength and harmony. The original techniques were developed in 1946 by Elbert Benjamine (aka C.C. Zain) of the Church of Light in Los Angeles and W.M.A. Drake. The methods used to calculate astrodynes have been published in several books. The Church of Light has published their "Course XVI, Stellar Healing" book and Elbert Benjamine's "The Astrodyne Manual". The AFA has published Doris Chase Doane's "How To Read Cosmodynes" and Ken Stone's "Delineation with Astrodynes". This last book gives perhaps more interpretation of the various astrodynes than any of the other books mentioned.

Please read the articles below for basic information on cosmodynes and how to use them to analyze yourself and your romantic relationships.

Cosmodynes - Background

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