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Astrology Database Source Code

Here is public domain source code that any would-be programmer/astrologer can use as the core for any sort of astrology database program a person wants to make. This source code uses the Astrodienst Swiss Ephemeris (click here) to do all planetary calculations. Please see Astrodienst's web page for the details of the Swiss Ephemeris license (click here) and other documentation.

EphemDB contains the ability to calculate natal data and transit data and to then put this data into 3 different database tables, one for Transit to Natal aspects (aspectarian), another for Transit to Transit aspects (aspectarian), and the third for Ephemeris longitude data for all the planets plus Chiron. Also included is an astrology font that can be used in any word processor application (ephemdb.ttf). Since this is free source code, there is currently no automatic atlas feature in the program. But there are geographic lists of about 2300 cities, though (you'll have to figure out Daylight Saving time or Standard time).

The source code here given is perhaps not written like they teach in colleges of computer science. Okay, I am an engineer first and a programmer second. It may not be fancy or elegant, but it works. And it works well.

Download what you need in the .zip files below (the first .zip file is the installation program, the second .zip file is the source code):

Download EphemDB.ZIP, 2,654,927, 09 Aug 2003. Once downloaded, simply unzip, then run setup.exe.
Download EphemDB_source.ZIP, 69,396, 15 June 2003. Once downloaded, simply unzip.

If you have never downloaded and unzipped my AstroSrc program, then you will also need to download the Swiss ephemeris files. Unzip this file into your EphemDB directory after installing the above (or copy the four files from your AstroSrc directory into your EphemDB directory).

Download SwEphem.ZIP, 2,057,685, 20 Apr 2003. Swiss ephemeris files.

NOTE: If you get a run-time 713 error (or some other error) when you run EphemDB, then download DAO35.ZIP, 3,209,049, 20 Jun 2003, the Microsoft Data Access Objects 3.5 (DAO) files. Unzip the files and run setup.exe from the Disk1 sub-directory (keep the existing sub-directory structure when you unzip the files).


Version 0.92 - 09 Aug 2003
1. Update - not sure what changed.

Version 0.92 - 14 May 2003
1. Fixed bug in retrograde timing.
2. Status code 17 = last quarter Moon.

Version 0.91 - 20 Apr 2003
1. Initial release.

last updated - 09 Aug 2003

Allen Edwall

All programs copyrighted