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Spiritual astrology can help you understand yourself and others better. With greater understanding we can all get along much more harmoniously. This enhances the quality of life and helps our soul growth. If you would like a program that presents many different astrological techniques, then please download AstroWin.

NOTE: Download the AstroWin_vXXX_install.exe file and double-click on it to install the program. If you have previous names.fil and options.opt files, then the installation program will automatically save your old copy of these files in a \backup directory off your installation directory. After installation simply copy your old names.fil file back into your installation directory and use your old options.opt file as a reference for making changes in your new options.opt file. Review the new settings in the options.opt file, if any, and compare them with what you previously had in your old options.opt file. Usually, only options #18 - #24 need to be changed.

AstroWin_v369_install.exe, 2,253,074 bytes, 02 June 2018.
Download or read Tips for Quick Startup, 5402, 14 July 2001.


Version 3.67 - 20 May 2011
1. Fixed a bug in the progressed cosmodyne calculations.

Version 3.65/3.66 - 16 October 2010
1. Fixed a bug in the next Full Moon single chartwheel feature.

2. Least Aspected Planet calculations are now done with and without Chiron.

Version 3.63 to 3.64 - 23 May 2010
1. Added next New Moon and next Full Moon single chartwheels.

2. Fixed problem with lunar returns whereby it was not always advancing to next lunar return depending on natal chart and tropical/sidereal mode.

3. When user selects natal positions to be shown on the inner wheel in a dual chartwheel, the aspects listed in the small vertical form were not in the proper order.

4. Added Part of Lost Objects to Arabian Parts (Part of Resignation was added earlier).

Version 3.58 to 3.62 - 07 April 2009
1. Added option #231 to display chartwheel aspect lines to Ascendant and MC.

2. Relationship (Davison) charts were calculated incorrectly if one of the two birth times was 12:xx pm.

3. Fixed bug using sidereal zodiac and Equal Houses - planets sometimes in wrong houses.

Version 3.57 - 28 January 2007
1. Fertility cycle calculations were sometimes skipping months.

Version 3.56 - 22 January 2007
1. Added menu item under OPTIONS captioned "Enabled text planets" which controls what planets are displayed in text reports.

Version 3.52 to 3.55 - 18 - 21 January 2007
1. Swapped the nonagen aspect for the quindecile aspect (option #12).

2. Set up separate options for progressed aspect orbs (options #271 - #285), solar arc aspect orbs (options #286 - #300), and transit aspect orbs (options #301 - #315).

3. Work in progress (not yet incorporated/finished - use "Enabled planets" window to control what planets are displayed in text output.

4. Fix the way whole sign houses work when in sidereal zodiac mode.

5. Substituted quindecile aspect in place of 22.5 degree aspect for midpoints.

Version 3.51 - 08 January 2007
1. Added more Update choices on chartwheel (week, month, and year).

Version 3.50 - 14 December 2006
1. Added horary tutorial and horary study notes menu items under HELP.

2. Experimenting with displaying whole sign houses around single chartwheel.

3. Added more capability to T/P feature in Names window.

4. Added 2 more choices to Option #27 (11 = Whole-ASC, 12 = Whole-MC).

Version 3.48 - 15 May 2006
1. Created Chiron ephemeris files to 4 decimal place accuracy instead of 2 decimal places (note: AstroWin does not use the Swiss ephemeris, therefore Chiron positions in AstroWin will not have the same level of accuracy as my other programs which do use the Swiss ephemeris. But Chiron's accuracy in AstroWin is sufficient for all practical purposes).

2. Added "S" to show when Chiron was stationary.

Version 3.47 - 25 April 2006
1. Added antique house system (1st house starts at (Asc - 15 deg).

Version 3.46 - 15 March 2006
1. Added green lines on chartwheel circumference to show conjunctions.

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