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Winning Times
(an experiment in astrology)

There must be an astrological reason for winning, whether winning is in sports, or gambling, or in any other avenue of life. Winning can't be just blind, dumb "luck" - I think planetary placements determine if and when you will win. So, if you're smart, you won't go to your local casino if the "time isn't right".

So how go we find out our "winning times"? There are various authors who propose their systems - perhaps some of these work for some folks, but not for others. Lorraine di Felice (now deceased) was pretty famous in the Las Vegas area for using her methodology. But I never found it to be accurate or useful to me and my natal chart.

Folks, life is one big experiment. Whom among us knows much of anything without study, practice, and gaining actual experience?

So with all that in mind, I present to you a couple of scripts which might help you in your experiments. I have a home poker game and a home Keno game which I use to see when I may be "lucky". I can also use a video poker game from I don't live in an area where going to an actual casino is convenient, so I play at home. After all, if the average 7-out-of-8 win in Keno happens about once every 6200 games and I play one evening and win 4 times in 200 games, well, I would say that is "out of the ordinary". So the question is, "What is happening when an 'out of the ordinary' event occurs?"

With all that in mind, I give you three links:



You can use the first link to enter your own information, then proceed to see a 7-day calendar that shows you your transiting to natal planet and transiting planet aspects for a week.

The second link has my information. Use the link as a model and replace the data with your own. Then copy the entire URL, paste it into your browser, and bookmark it. It is easy enough to change the transit date - look at the end of the long URL and modify as desired.

The second link gives you a 1-day calendar showing the various aspects happening that day for you. BUT, if you see any vertical colored lines, please realize that those dates and times were wins for me, not for you. You have to find your own winning times based on your experiences with winning at poker, Keno, or whatever it is you play. I play Keno and any various vertical colored lines you might see depict those dates and times that were winners for me.

I don't think it's too hard for the average person to figure out. The link tells the script that my name is Allen and that I was born on 22 Sep 1949 at 10:43 am CST (use 24-hour time for the hour, so 3 pm is &h=15). And the transit date I am interested in is 09 Jan 2024 in the MST time zone.

The third link shows that I had 10 jackpots in one day. This was in a period of time where I was winning like crazy, over multiple days. Because I had three very close outer planet trine aspects happening all at the same time, plus transiting Pluto trine my natal Sun and Moon conjunction - quite rare.

last updated - 11 June 2024
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