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Direct Atlas Query (DAQ)

In earlier times the ACS Atlas was the standard for finding historical time zones for any date and place. But that product is now outdated and will not run on modern servers. Is there a replacement? Yes, sort of. The Olson time zone database is now the standard used on almost all servers worldwide. And many people are responsible for keeping it up to date. But it has one big problem - it is not totally reliable for dates before 1970, as it assumes that all cities, for example, in the Midwest part of the United States, set their clocks the same as that which Chicago used in those days. This is not correct (for example, Chicago in 1949 was on DST, while Houston was on Standard time). So with dates before 1970, various cities in the US and Canada, in the "summer", could be off by as much as one hour in the time zone given.

Here is a link to a web page that allows you to do a Direct Atlas Query (DAQ) for any place in the world. Generally speaking, if a town with a population of 500 or more people is requested, then data will be available for that town. And two time zones will be returned - one which is from the Olson time zone database and the other seeks to provide more accurate data for years before 1970. For years 1970 and later, the Olson time zone database will always be used.

If you wish to do a full natal report instead of just a simple DAQ, then click here.

If the town you are looking for is so small as to not be included in the atlas database, then enter the nearest bigger city and use the data for it (you can modify the data if you wish).
last updated - 17 February 2024
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