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Monthly Archive for November, 2009

              Ger W’s biography, MAX HEINDEL and THE ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, first published in Dutch in December 2003, is now serialized in English on RFFriends.org.              The reader will find a clear, documented chronicle of the activities which preceded and followed Max Heindel’s designation as messenger for the Brothers of the Rose Cross.  Truly an extraordinary figure, Heindel founded The Rosicrucian Fellowship […]

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Aquarian Age Lecture 9a

Microcosm Lecture Series Notes  Transitioning Into The Aquarian Age  Lecture 9 of 25 by [R]  The Aquarian Age and Some Problems of the Mind [Illustratioons were not part of the lecture]              Compared to some of the other talks, this will not be really deep, yet it could be because in modern Christian mysticism, the […]

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AA Lecture 9b

Microcosm Lecture Series Notes Transitioning Into The Aquarian Age Lecture 9b of 25 by [R] The Aquarian Age and Some Problems of the Mind We’re back to the mandala, an astrological symbol of the entire universe as seen from the human point of view. The mandala itself and everything in the mandala is symbolized by […]

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