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Bridge Across the Brook

Ger W quotes Max Heindel in Chapter 10 of Max Heindel and The Rosicrucian Fellowship [behind the BOOKS tab].   After the Easter sunrise sevice of April 12, 1914, Heindel addressed those who gathered at the Founder’s Cross, saying in part: “The second cutting [of the tree of life] was to be used in Solomon’s Temple. […]

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              Ger W’s biography, MAX HEINDEL and THE ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, first published in Dutch in December 2003, is now serialized in English on RFFriends.org.              The reader will find a clear, documented chronicle of the activities which preceded and followed Max Heindel’s designation as messenger for the Brothers of the Rose Cross.  Truly an extraordinary figure, Heindel founded The Rosicrucian Fellowship […]

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