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Monthly Archive for June, 2010

You Are Desperately Needed   A Message forwarded by our friend, Ela:   Dear Ones,            Today the Grandmothers woke me with this message and asked me to send it out. Please forward it on so we reach as many people as possible.             Maybe you can use this information, or know someone who […]

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WE can and WE will

RE: OUR DEAR FELLOWSHIP   [From Rosenet]  Good morning friends.                                              Like many others, I have read the last posts questioning and providing radical solutions to the problems that afflict us and cause woe in relation to our dear Fellowship, its headquarters, administration, and so on, and as the new summer is here, I cannot avoid […]

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Bridge Across the Brook

Ger W quotes Max Heindel in Chapter 10 of Max Heindel and The Rosicrucian Fellowship [behind the BOOKS tab].   After the Easter sunrise sevice of April 12, 1914, Heindel addressed those who gathered at the Founder’s Cross, saying in part: “The second cutting [of the tree of life] was to be used in Solomon’s Temple. […]

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