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http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/2010/01/astronomy-meeting-highlights-new-planets-hubble-images.html  By Carlos Z, Overheard on Rosenet  About a year ago a new planet system was discovered in constellation Cygnus.  Now, a new diamond planet has been discovered in constellation Serpens: http://www.space.com/12731-diamond-alien-planet-discovered-neutron-star.html  The Rosicrucian Brethren wrote in the Fama Fraternitatis [The Confessio manifesto 1610 – 1615]:  Chapter VII. We declare that God, before the end […]

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Portuguese-Speaking Friends Commemorate 100 Years of The Rosicrucian Fellowship with Exposition and Book by Delmar Domingos de Carvalho  The Rose and Rosicrucians and 100 years Fraternidade Rosacruz Max Heindel and 100 years Conception in Bombarral-Portugal  2009 October 17 – 31 Municipal Museum Bombarral-Portugal    Although the Exposition does not officially open until October 17, Delmar […]

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