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Aquarian Age Lecture 13a

Microcosm Lecture Series Notes Transitioning Into the Aquarian Age Lecture 13a of 25 by [R] Science, Technology and the Aquarian Age               When we left off last time we spoke about regeneration and the Aquarian Age.  We were relating Scorpio to Aquarius and we came into that subject which is The Fall of Humanity.  […]

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AA 13b

Microcosm Lecture Series Notes Transitioning Into The Aquarian Age  Lecture 13b of 25 by [R]  Regeneration and the Aquarian Age             Because the fundamental understandings have been skewed by the Satanic and Luciferic taint of commission and omission, there is a price to all of this.  The material blindness is Satanic in nature.  We think we can […]

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A Science Lesson in an Art Museum             The Sun moves into a different sign of the zodiac every month, giving us twelve opportunities in a year to observe a zodiacal sign in its truest expression, yet most of us sleep through what could be one of the richest experiences of our lives.  Why?—because we have not trained […]

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