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Monthly Archive for April, 2011

Discord and Mercy

Discord!, composed by Samuel Webbe for the newly-formed London Glee Club in about 1787:  It’s first movement is based on a passage from Iliad, but the second verse, it is thought, he composed himself. Discord! Discord! Dire sister of the slaughtering power, Small at her birth, but rising every hour, While scarce the skies her […]

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A Virtual Choir – 2000-Strong

Is there any way to describe, to one who has never experienced it, the unique pleasure, the profound joy of singing in a choir?  Eric Whitacre felt an unexpected euphoria and carried his experience to a new height, creating his virtual choir, comprised of singers around the world, each alone but not lonely, singing music that he composed.   Click on the angels […]

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Not Peace But A Sword

Not Peace But A Sword     Control and the Desire Body                   According to Christ’s teachings, changing the peace of stagnation and disharmony into a harmonious Peace requires the sword. The bulk of the Israelites had stalled and become “lost”—crystallized in materialism. Throughout history the strong wield their power by acquiring money and goods through cleverness […]

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