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MAX HEINDEL ON TRANSITIONS Direct Quotes from the Heindel Writings 1.  Rebirth of Children 2.  Results of Sudden Death 3.  Reunion of Lovers in Heaven 4.  Results of Suicide 5.  Our Responsibility to the Dead REBIRTH OF CHILDREN It is stated in the Rosicrucian teachings that children who die in infancy are brought to rebirth […]

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World Religions Carlos Ziade Comments on PJP’s Apologia RE The Cosmo As He Describes Conditions in the Middle East CZ  []  That’s exactly what we all need to grasp, FRIENDSHIP AND FELLOWSHIP as being the main principles of focus in the Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception – away from what is thought to be racist and anti-Christian. Of […]

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The Riddle of Life and Death

REBIRTH The Riddle of Life and Death From Rosicrucian Christianity Lectures By Max Heindel   At every birth, what appears to be a new life comes into the world. Slowly the little form grows, it lives and moves among us, it becomes a factor in our lives; but at last there comes a time when […]

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We Are All Cousins

You will be pleased, as I was, that William Arthurs gave us his permission to publish this beautiful poem.  In his words, from his website: We Are All Cousins I wrote the words below in 1966 while on deployment with the Royal Canadian Air Force at the Italian Air Base at Decimomannu, Sardinia, when I was flying CF-104 […]

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Rebirth and the Bible

Rebirth and the King James Bible Scriptures from the King James Version of the Bible hint at Rebirth, consistent to what was taught in the Roman Catholic Church until 553 A.D. when it, and the doctrines of Origen, were voted out at the Council of Constantinople.  What was the council voting against?       Origen, early Christian […]

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