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The Sharp Edge of Truth A Chapel Talk By Allyce Cay-Bothmann         It is said that truth is a two-edged sword; moreover, it also can have a piercing point.  Why is truth defined in this manner?  We are told to embrace truth, and we spend our days dealing with what we can manage of this […]

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Some Ideas About Time

Some Ideas About Time A Chapel Talk By Allyce Cay-Bothmann         We are told that to the great cosmic mind all time is held in consciousness at once.  In this grand universe there seem to be various levels of time.  Even on our planet, we have the different time zones, as to when the light […]

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Love Unfeigned

Love Unfeigned   A Chapel Talk   By Allyce Cay-Bothmann           Mortals are not able to understand love except in a few of its relatively crude manifestations.  A child loves a caring mother as long as its needs are met, but as soon as something does not go its way, irritation or anger surges […]

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Thoughts Concerning Fortitude

Thoughts Concerning Fortitude A Chapel Talk by Allyce Cay-Bothmann           What makes the quality of fortitude or endurance or perseverance a virtue?  There are such things as beginner’s luck, when initial tries pan out beautifully, but nothing of consequence is gained  without the will to succeed.  The more know-how and assistance we have available, […]

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